What was Project Blue Book?

Tom DeMary – 18 February 2005

How are the UFO reports organized?

There is a microfilm roll index and a report index at the beginning of NARA roll #1. The order of the UFO reports is approximately the same as in the report index. The order of the reports is basically by date. There are, confusingly, some reports out of order and a few which are not listed on the report index.

Briefly, the index to the contents of each of the NARA microfilm rolls begins on roll #1, page 3. Rolls 184 and 88−94 contain the reports and photos; rolls 85−87 contain the administrative files and prepared reports. Following the roll index is the report index, beginning on page 12. The report index includes the Project Sign incident number (for Project Sign reports), a PBB case number, the date and place of the report, the official PBB solution to the report, and an occasional comment, usually about missing reports. A report index page usually lists the reports in increments of one or more complete months, though a single, busy month may require more than one page.

The UFO reports begin on page 477 after the end of the report index. Page 477 is a repeat of the report index page for June 1947, and the reports for June 1947 begin on page 478. Most reports have a summary card (labeled Project 10073 Record). There are no other separators. Each subsequent report index page is followed by the reports listed on that page. There is sometimes unlisted material between these sections. For instance, there is a card for the “Mantell” incident as expected at 7 Jan 1948, but the rest of the report is inserted after the last entry for March 1948. Please refer to “Using the Project Blue Book Archive” below for help on locating individual reports.

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